In which Pete and Ed listen to something by The Fall and then write about it.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Rules

1) Once riding this crazy train, Ed and Pete must not listen to The Fall out of chronological order (unless they release a new album… and even then we have to confess that we’ve done it).

2) Each week will be assigned the next bit of Fall to listen to – this will probably be the next album chronologically and its associated B-sides, but could be a live recording, or just a collection of stuff that was all recorded about the same time but wasn’t on a single album. Or whatever. We’ll sort this out as we go.

3) Ed and Pete must agree to disagree. Or agree to agree. But basically, bickering is not allowed. Unless Ed is clearly wrong. But he can’t bicker back. Unless it is funny.

4) I am the arbiter of what is funny.

5) As far as is possible, Ed and Pete must ignore the fact that they know what’s coming up. As in, foreknowledge of stuff that happens after the stuff that’s happening when it happened then. As in, we must forget that, let’s say, The Real New Fall LP is coming up and therefore listening to Are You Are Missing Winner is made more bearable (though I quite like Are You Are Missing Winner. Obviously, I reserve the right to change my mind as part of the process).

6) Comments from readers are welcome, and will probably provide blessed relief.

7) Don’t get them smoking the strong pot or all their crackpot viewpoints deny the strong pot.

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