In which Pete and Ed listen to something by The Fall and then write about it.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Week One - 1977/78


Week one's listening has begun...

(Well, it may have begun for Ed, but I'm at home with Winnie who isn't too keen on The Fall. Last time I tried to put 'This Nation's Saving Grace' on for us to listen to, she found whatever toys she could that made a noise and repeatedly used them to drown out the CD. Everyone's a critic these days, even 18 month olds).

... and it consists of the earliest Fall stuff we have. So that's -

Bingo Masters Breakout single
It's The New Thing Single
The '78 June and December Peel sessions
Dresden Dolls
and any live stuff we might get around to cramming in.

Our thoughts arrive on Monday.


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